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Ignition switch replacement or beutral saftey switch maybe? 200 1990

A couple weeks ago I went to get a spare key made for my 240. Long story short they kept messing up the key and I ended up not getting one. But after this event I started experiencing a delayed start. I would turn the key and it would be a solid 1-3 second pause and then she would start right up. I'm thinking neutral safety switch or ignition switch. Is there a test I can perform to check before ordering parts?

So I found a forum and followed these steps...

There are two wires on the starter solenoid, one is the heavy battery cable and the other is the small (push-on connector) one coming from the neutral safety sw'itch...Connect the positve lead from your voltmeter to this small wire and the voltmeter negative lead to engine ground...Turn the ignition key to "start" and you should see 12 volts...If you do see 12 volts, then the starter solenoid is bad...If you do not, then it is either the neutral safety switch or the ignition switch...

I have 12 volts showing when I turn the key so bad starter? I am going to pop off the starter and get it tested at the auto parts store, but is there anything else I should check out before leaving? I have replaced the starter within the last couple years so it's a bit of a surprise that the starter is causing my issues.


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New Ignition switch replacement or beutral saftey switch maybe? [200][1990]
posted by  Slaw0526  on Mon Feb 26 08:15 CST 2018 >

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