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Manual Radio Antenna Replacement 900 1994

Hi jd620,

940 sedan or wagon?

You have Volvo and generic replacement options for a manual fixed mast and manual retracting.

I'm no fan of power aerials (antennas) anymore. Fickle, finicky, with occasional shorts. The made in China versions I'd pulled from junkyards, cleaned (down to motor disassembly and reassembly) do not last. Moisture intrudes again ... just awful.

The FAQ does not entertain power aerial replacement with fixed or manual retracting mast antennas.


The geared nylon track or rope or what have you may call it and the interface between the gear inside the motor assembly appears to have too much space in all of them, even the Volvo factory installed versions. I guess to allow some slip should the mast sections become bound for lack of lube or something.

From Volvo, what appears as the final part# for a manual retracting (telescoping) antenna is Volvo PN 3533171. Now NLA.


Tasca and Jim Ellis Volvo show the same.

FCP Shows a fixed mast antenna and mount for 940 Wagon. With a tool to remove the mast from the mount:


iPd USA offers power antenna bits only.

Anyhoo, at AutoZone, I guess you have shipped to your home only, is the made by Metra (China) manual retracting 4-section mast aerial:


I'm wary of the quality. It is the mount that seals the hole at the exterior and what damage the counter hold does under the sheet metal. These seem to break paint and cause dents. So, something to not allow the sheet metal to rust?

Another brand named Hirschmann appears the same as Metra.


Your other option is a fixed mast antenna that unscrews from the mount or a flexible mast antenna that may or may not unscrew to avoid the automatic car wash rigors.

Found these through google. Though Bing may be more helpful.

Hope that is helpful.


Nescafé Duffed.
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New Manual Radio Antenna Replacement [900][1994]
posted by  jd620  on Mon Feb 19 10:53 CST 2018 >

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