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OK quickee about why driver's side door lock is sticking 200 1986

This has been a problem on and off for years. Wasn't RECENTLY a big problem til the rain came back, which tells me it's rust. Car used to open easiest from outside (where a man can generate some serious leverage on the handle), only now the only way I can open it is from the inside with the door panel completely off, doing some rapid fire pulling on the inside handle-to-mechanism sheetmetal bar to get it to flip the door lock switch open. It feels like the equivalent of scrubbing a lock - as long as I fire about 20 rapid blasts back and forth with a lot of force that lock around the door's frame isn't coming open. I hit it with Liquid Wrench but no doing, those mechanism feel like a family unit and for one thing I can't see anything of what's going on. For once Volvo finally has a place where they've put something that a person would need a horizontal periscope to see what's going on.

It's not the most intuitive looking piece of machinery, certainly not in this weather. I'm wondering where there's a quick fix anyone's come across yet? I mean this has NOT been the first time the SS Blue Meany has done this to me, but usually after adjusting the height on the latch-to-handle rod and some lubrication I found myself having stopped complaining. Been searching on here but nothing conclusive yet. Just keep oiling the hell out of it? Thanks fells!


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New OK quickee about why driver's side door lock is sticking [200][1986]
posted by  geodonuts  on Mon Jan 29 12:43 CST 2018 >

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