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Anyone have real world experience running 100% gasoline in a B21? 200 1982

Hey everyone,

I happened upon a fuel station somewhat close to home today that offers 100% gasoline (mid grade). I’ve never used it before, but I’ve heard about its supposed merits over 10% ethanol blend, especially for older engines. (Less corrosion to rubber and aluminum parts, increased power, etc) I’ve also read in a few places that beginning in 1980 many manufacturers began using rubber components that would tolerate ethanol when it eventually became available to the public, so if that’s true I suppose the corrosion argument isn’t really valid, at least for the rubber bits.

When I first acquired my ‘82 244 (B21F), I used the cheapest gas I could find (usually Walmart) until she developed a substantial knock when accelerating or going uphill. I upgraded to 91 octane and that seemed to get rid of most of the knocking, but I was still using off-brand fuel. In the process of restoring the car I have renewed the entire fuel system from tank to injectors with NOS parts (with the exception of the fuel distributor) and began using top tier fuel only (BP or Exxon). I have found that as long as I’m using top branded fuel, I can get away with 87 octane and she still runs great. Full accelerations, uphill, etc with not a single stumble. I’m sure part of the improvement came from having all new parts and lines too, but I’ve running this way for a year now with no complaints.

I’ve not seen any posts in the 200 series forums that describe anyone’s actual experience using the 100% fuel with these older motors, and if there are any noticeable differences upon using it. Small mpg/power boost, smoother running/idling, etc.? Thanks for any input!


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New Anyone have real world experience running 100% gasoline in a B21? [200][1982]
posted by  Koamileli  on Thu Jan 25 15:16 CST 2018 >

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