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92 vs. 94 speedometer 900 1992

I bought a nice garaged 940 turbo sedan. The only issue is that the speedometer doesn't work. I went and got a 94 non turbo cluster and the speedometer worked when I plugged it into my car. However, when I went to swap the 94 speedo into the 92 cluster, I found out why it is a different part number. The 92 speedo connects electronically to the board via 4 screws. The 94 speedo connects via a ribbon.

If none of the guts for the speedo are on the instrument clusters circuit board, then I don't see why I couldn't chop the posts off of the bad 92 speedo screw them in and solder off of them. Once I go through that kind of work, I will be wanting the speedometer to actually be accurate. It's mostly for state inspection purposes. I understand that if I use the 94 cluster, I will lose the turbo and half to jerry rig the fuel gauge. I am going to call around to other junkyards for the right part tommorow, but am curious about if this speedo could custom fit to the older cluster.

92 speedo part no. 3523652

94 speedo 9130043 (maybe I have these switched around?)


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New 92 vs. 94 speedometer [900][1992]
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