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tracing a P1800 owner to before 1975 1800 1962

I recently bought a 1962 P1800 (Jensen model) VIN 4712 in Victoria, BC. In addition to the North Saanich veterinarian I bought the car from, I traced the previous owner to her, Rev. Eugene Morrell to Bend, OR. Turns out he bought the car off a lot at Wades Auto Sales, Vancouver, WA in 1975. The wrinkle is that the car may have been misrepresented by accident when it was purchased then. For years the identification plate off the firewall led the owner to believe the VIN was P18395 and that it was a 1963 model, wrong on both counts. The car was originally paint code 71, grey with black interior but it was painted in the '80s a quasi metallic red. The car was taken, after Rev. Morrell bought, it to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, then to Chilliwack, BC, ending up in Dawson Creek, BC where it was sold in 1986 to the person from whom I purchased it.
Anyone knowing of an early model P1800 sold in or around Vancouver WA in 1975, I love to hear from you. I have lots of pictures and documentation. The car is in rough shape having been parked outside since 1977.
thanks in advance
Jamie Graham, Victoria, BC
[email protected]


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New tracing a P1800 owner to before 1975 [1800][1962]
posted by  JHGraham  on Wed Jan 3 21:41 CST 2018 >

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