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I have a 1988 244 non turbo that is running hot. A new thermostat, hoses and coolant was put in about a year ago. Everything was fine until recently when the temp. gauge was running about 2/3. The top radiator hose was warm and the radiator was cold. This car was neglected in its previous life and the radiator had a valeo/volvo sticker on it. I purchased a new nissen radiator and also put a new water pump(graf) on. I took the thermostat out and it had some brown stuff in there. I put a new volvo thermostat 192 degrees and flushed. I put a garden hose in the top of radiator and discharged out of the thermostat housing. Old coolant came out and some brown but stopped when clear water came out. Refilled with coolant and water 50/50. Also a new expansion cap. Started up and took for a test drive. Top hose is warmer than before but radiator is 90% cold. What am I missing? Is this a head gasket or didn't I flush correctly? Heater works great. If I missed something obvious be gentle. Thanks Matt


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