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1986 240 Manual Swap What Flywheel? 200 1986


Did a search but couldn't find the info--I am trying to put together a manual transmission conversion for my 86 240. Done the pedals, drilled the firewall hole. Foud out that a little RTV around the self drilled hole held the clutch cable well enough that when I took it out the rubber fitting on the cable stayed in place and the cable slipped out of it! So that's nice. I got an m46 with aluminum body. I also got a flywheel, clutch and pressure plate that was supposedly from an 85 740 but the machine shop guys said it had been resurfaced too many times and besides it is really probably one from I believe an 88+ 740 non-T. The pressure plate that fit it is the sachs 3082 204 032 and when I look up the pressure plate for an 86, I get a different looking one (270500). So now I'm looking for a flywheel that's supposed to be in there since I have to find a new one anyway and am wondering if anyone had a part number or a photo of the flywheel for a 1986 240 manual? Brickoard has been such a big help to me in the past just wanna say thanks again!



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New 1986 240 Manual Swap What Flywheel? [200][1986]
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