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84 244 LH2.0 wiring issues. 200 1984

hi guys i recently bought a project car. yes its an 84 with 5panel tails

so owner said wouldn't run without a jump start and had all these lights on the dash. as soon as you disconnect jumper, all power died. owner said battery read charged.

im not sure if the failed battery took out the alternator or visa-versa. replaced alternator with lights still on.

alternator exciter and oil pressure sender wire were shorted out. all idiot lights on dash lit up. ALT started charging right away.

after redoing the hack job fix from before (cut wires from main plug and re-ran them) i got all the lights to go out on the dash. now i have no parking light, batt, oil, lamda lights at all. bulb failure still works, high beams, turn indicator works too. the dash illumination lights still work. as everything else in the car. overdrive lock out works but no light on dash still.

im hoping the harness is just so old n fried im loosing a ground somewhere. i even tried grounding the alt exciter wire again and nothing.

so now im going to see if i can smog it as-is. if it passes then ill change the harness and hopefully get it all back to normal.

hoping someone could give me some insight on this. hopefully someone has had this happen before. i know these years have bad harnesses but stumped on all the lights not working. also checked all fuses


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New 84 244 LH2.0 wiring issues. [200][1984]
posted by  NO_SPRK  on Tue Jan 2 12:28 CST 2018 >

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