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Reliability in a 240 200

I am in the middle of my mid life, ( or end of life ) crisis. I have bought eight 240s in the last 5 years, and am going to look at one today. 1988 is the oldest, 93 the newest. It seems to be a hobby. I and my daughter drive them the 850 miles from Dallas to Louisville Ky a couple of times a year. I and she drive one daily to work. I see no end in sight. It has become a challenge. I take pride in driving a 25 year old car that is fully functional, and reliable.I am wondering which items I should replace preemptively to avoid a traumatic breakdown 400 miles from home in an exotic car. A list of ideas about replacement and spare parts to carry. ( I realize there are already good lists of "carry" parts on BB )
I figure on a 25+ year old car both fuel pumps and a fuel filter, but after that, I ponder......
All thoughts and opinions are welcome.

88 240, 89 240 with 92 engine, 90 240, 90 245 92 240, 92 245, 93 245!!!


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New Reliability in a 240 [200]
posted by  Burco  on Fri Dec 29 09:38 CST 2017 >

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