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240 fuel pump not running 200

I posted this a long time ago and the car has now sat for several years. This is what happened. I had the car running wheels off and steering wheel off car on stands and I was purging a new power steering pump that I just installed, actually an upgrade to the 82' to the newer type. I was using vise grips gently clamped on the steering column and was turning the rack back and forth to get the air out when the vice grips touched the steering column casting (where the steering wheel would mount) and there was a small spark.
The engine immediately stopped and has never run again. I have replaced the fuel pump relay and no help. No blown fuses or anything obvious. I am at my wits now after several years.
I swear there is some sort of collision circuit that I tripped. I know newer cars have this and Volvo's are usually 10 years ahead of the crowd. So is there this circuit, and maybe a reset button?


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New 240 fuel pump not running [200]
posted by  srbliss  on Sat Dec 16 21:40 CST 2017 >

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