RWD - gremlins are back in my tail lights - intermittent bulb failure warning

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gremlins are back in my tail lights - intermittent bulb failure warning 200 1988

For 6 months now the bulb failure warning light has been going ON and OFF.

I've tracked it, so far, to one (1) driver's side running (parking) light and one (1) passenger side brake light. The outages happen independent of each other, meaning the bulb failure light comes ON and OFF as the brake is applied OR the bulb failure light is ON continuously until it goes OFF. Of course if the running light is out I would not see the brake bulb failure.

I have not been able to associate any driving activity to the bulb failure light coming ON and OFF. My experience tells me it is a short.

If the bulb failure warning light is ON when I start the car or when I'm getting out I can go back and jiggle the bulb socket(s) and that "fixs" the circuit temporarily. But I will be driving and the bulb failure warning light comes ON and often is OFF by the time I get where I'm going.

I've CHECKED the bulbs and switched them around enough that it would seem to be in the socket and not the bulb.

I've CHECKED the socket contacts and circuit board for wear and pressure and applied dielectric grease with no substantial, if any, change.

These rear light assemblies are not original. I got replacements from lampsandlenses.com. They are DJAUTO (out of Tiawan!!) with a product # TVV701 LH or RH. A lenses on the Driver's side started fogging over after a year so maybe this is all due to bad product.

1988 244 DL; B230F; LH-2.2; Manual 5-speed (M47)


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New gremlins are back in my tail lights - intermittent bulb failure warning [200][1988]
posted by  tbb2  on Tue Dec 12 20:27 CST 2017 >

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