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Tail Gate Harness 200 1992

"How about in parallel, rather than is series (tandem)? "

Absolutely correct John. You know I've had it wrong forever, thinking tandem meant the two horses were pulling abreast, and not one in front of the other? I even imagined a competing fault-tolerant computer maker, Tandem, was named after its parallel processing power advantage.

Yes, parallel. The wire in my '89 is original, having its practical maximum of two repairs made. The wire is 413-44. That is 7 groups of 59 strands of 44 AWG wire with that silicone rubber insulation that rots.

In that '89 there are two cables each with four conductors. At the left side, two run in parallel to supply the heavy needs of the defroster grid, and the remaining two run the tag lights and the high mounted brake light. On the right, one works the washer, one the wiper motor, and two for the central locking actuator.

Could be before '86 there wasn't a third brake light, and possibly no central locking*, leaving (in my theory anyhow) only 4 wires necessary. The grounds are just jumpers across the hinges, and my opinion is those are probably the first to go. Once gone, everything depends on the metal-to-metal hinge and latch to get returned to ground.

Edit: Wiring diagrams show central locking in the wagons back as far as '81, done the same way throughout the years, on the right side.
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New 1 have a word for the 3d brake light but cant use it here without being expelled [200]
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