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new thread continuing long thread on abs light and bulb failure sensor 200

hi arty b, jw, kitty g and others- finished installing new bulb failure sensor and want to cite some info for further analysis. looked in a number of vendor catalogs of parts on the net. found variations in price from 60-300. also the item goes by 3 similar names: bulb integrity sensor, bulb failure relay and surprisingly brake light failure relay. in fact the sensor monitors brake lights, headlights low beams, tail lights and any paired running lights. it senses unequal current in a two bulb system. the old one in my 92 was apparently the original, was quite dusty , had volvo on the bottom of the can and the name hella. pretty good for 25 years and 250k miles. the new one had the name kaehler, no volvo name nor hella and says made in germany. other sources told me it was made in china for the german company. btw the color of both cans looks red to me not orange. it plugged in and the brake lights started working with the pedal. also the old one had a release lever which holds the harness plug onto the unit. the new one had no release lever so the harness plug and unit are just firmly pushed together on the pins. remove the old unit using the release lever. be careful pressing the 13 pins of the new unit into the holes of the plug. also the can snaps in and out of a spring clamp holder on the dash frame behind the knee bolster.. also for future reference although cruise control mechanism was visible and above the bolster, you could still easily access the brake light switch(ok). thanks tons oldduke


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posted by  oldduke  on Sat Dec 2 21:08 CST 2017 >

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