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1990 volvo 240 suddenly died again after I thought it fixed! 200

I really hate to post again and appreciate all the past help given to me. If you followed the history of my problem (see old posts) and helped me before you know I thought it certainly resolved after fixing loose connectors at the fuel pump. The car ran great for a month but I noticed recently the idle seemed just a little lower and rougher than when I first repaired the connectors. I am confident this was a real problem but then it died again just the other day and exhibited the same old symptoms (crank but not start and then after a bit start). So I rechecked the connectors briefly at the pump and they looked tight and admittedly the problem could again be her. I may try to totally replace them with a better connector from a hardware store, but I do now wonder if that was truly the only problem......see below.

After it died recently it threw a 224 code on pin 6 which is the coolant temperature sensor (ECT thermistor). Note the car was throwing this code in the past prior to fixing the fuel pump loose connections. I can see per the manual that the ECT sensor is tied into the fuel circuit and that its two leads feed both the ECU and the Ignition Control module.

I am now trying to get to the ECT thermistor to test it. It is a bugger. I've looked at the you tube suggestions but am considering pulling the intake manifold as I've pulled a lot of stuff with no success. While inspecting the sensor I noticed its two wires had been cut and previously replaced with two new wires spliced and routed to the control units.

Looking back on old paperwork I saw the ECT thermistor was replaced by a prior owner maybe six years ago. The car had the sudden stall problem even back then and it has sadly continued through all these years. I assume thinking they replaced the wires when replacing the ECT to ensure there was no short. The replacement wires seem to be a slightly heavier gauge so I'm wondering if that affects the voltage as it would seem to affect the resistance. I also wonder of course if there is a fault somewhere along one or both of those wires and will test as soon as I can get access. I will also test the ECT for hot and cold resistance if possible.

So I'm wondering a few things: 1. should I just pull the intake manifold to get to the ECT as it seems I am struggling and maybe hurting more than helping pulling so much other stuff? 2. how might I know which pins the ECT wires go to on the two different control units to check continuity? I haven't found a pin layout diagram anywhere. 3. could a problem with the ECT cause a stall/restart problem? 4. could the ECT replacement wire thickness be a problem by sending an inaccurate signal to the control units?

I appreciate any thoughts....again.


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New 1990 volvo 240 suddenly died again after I thought it fixed! [200]
posted by  martnplyr  on Sun Nov 26 13:21 CST 2017 >

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