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1993 940 wagon a few repair questions. 900 1993

Hi Griff951,

The "brake line junction block" below the MC is the brake proportioning valve. This valve is to prevent the rear-end "fishtailing" in the event of hard braking. So it is a safety item. Both brake lines from the MC go to it. From the valve it would then branch out to the ABS control unit or straight to front/rear brakes (for cars without ABS).

First tip:
Try tightening all the brake line nuts at the valve first. Use proper brake line wrench. If tightening doesn't work then you might have to replace it.

Replacement tip:
The proportioning valve is quite expensive. Take your time to shop around. If you have Volvo parts dealer near you, you might get it at a reduced price - new old stock - as this part rarely gets replaced. I got my OE part at almost half price at my dealer. Otherwise getting it online (eBay/FCPEuro) is almost paying premium price. Another source is from pick n pull but you'll have to try your luck there.

There are different valve "rating" for wagon and sedan cars. I think this is due to different rear-end weight for each type of car. The wagon uses type 2 (stamped on the valve body) and sedan type 3. Be sure to get the right part.

Replacing the valve is quite easy if not for the slippery brake fluid. Rubber-gloved hands won't do - no grip. Use some cloth to get some grip on the brake line nuts to start them threading into the valve's ports. You'll also face some difficulty threading in when the hard brake line is not in perfect alignment to the port. Take your time here.

Reduce fluid drain from the brake reservoir/MC by covering the reservoir's refill opening with soft plastic (the one used to wrap food) and screw on the reservoir cap. Some recommend using sticky tape to cover the refill cap's vent hole but I find this not working. Anyway if the brake reservoir empties you'll have to bleed the MC after valve replacement.

In my experience I had to bleed the entire system. Again after one week. And again some more.

Answer 2:
Find a smaller breaker bar/rod which could fit underneath the alternator to leverage it upwards. Even this is difficult as you have to dismantle the air intake plumbing. Otherwise replace the broken adjustment screw (good for the long term). Get it from hardware shop. Worn belt (already thin profile) and worn bushings won't help too.



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New 1 1993 940 wagon a few repair questions. [900][1993]
posted by  Griff951  on Sun Nov 12 19:42 CST 2017 >

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