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Cutting out on and off idle 200 1993

Hi all,

I'd hoped this problem would get more consistent/worse, so I'd have more information to bring you, but here we are. The trusty Volvo occasionally (1-2x per week, maybe?) cuts out. I'm baffled and ready to start throwing time and small wads of money at the problem if only for some new data. Here's what I can give you:

* symptoms: goes from running fine to a hard stop/dash lights on (i.e. no sputtering or warning); has happened both on and off idle though never at high speed; has happened cold and warm engine; always re-starts normally; if it cuts out once, seems more likely to happen again on same trip; NO OTHER DRIVEABILITY OR STARTING ISSUES

* other info: NO CODES SET (1-1-1 on both fuel and ign); fuel relay has been replaced; AMM has been swapped for "known good"; this is the weirdo '93 with main system fuses on positive battery post; auto tranny; have twiddled the fuses with no effect

Thanks for your help. I'll report back if I get new info or figure it out.

joe b
pdx or


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New Cutting out on and off idle [200][1993]
posted by  jbroach  on Fri Nov 3 18:33 CST 2017 >

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