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Hi everyone,

Have a 1988 745 tic, stock setup, more than 250,000 miles. Outer tie rods, ball joints, and sway bar bushings have been replaced under my ownership. The rest is of the front end is of unknown miles, the strut bellows are ripped apart, and the bump stop looks pretty bad.

I have a front end noise and I would like to more accurately diagnose the problem. The problem happens when the weather is cold, is the worst first thing in the morning, and after about an hour or less of driving it goes away.

When I hit a dip in the road or go over a speed bump the front end will growl when the strut is most compressed and maybe a little after it starts to decompress. The sound is almost like a cardboard box being stepped or jumped on, but more crunchy sounding. Almost sounds like a scaled down version of a modern car being hit, all the plastic being crumpled.

I'm thinking it's the struts but am not sure as the car rebounds just fine when I quickly press a front corner of the car down. I'm hoping it's not the strut mounts since there seems to be a quality concern with even the Volvo ones.

Hopefully someone has had a similar experience and can help me pinpoint the problem area.

Thanks for any input


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New Strut? Noise [700]
posted by  Moustacio  on Tue Oct 31 14:32 CST 2017 >

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