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carb question 444-544 1966

1966 PV544 with HS-6 carbs.
have owned this for a couple of months, sorta like a "money pit", but finally have it running/driving great.....however, it would not idle smoothly, looking like it was trying to make a milkshake!! adjusted the idle speed, or tried to that is...rear carb adjusted like it should....but front carb refused to idle below somewhat faster speed.....turned the adjusting screw out, and carb did nothing...choke was off, and other "contact" were not making contact...but if I screwed the adjuster screw in, the engine speed increased....I think the mixture level is correct. so, finally left it running somewhat faster than I think it should be, but now it is not bouncing/jumping around.....wheeeeee...
question: have I done anything wrong (by ignorance maybe, etc.) ? or is this carb now needing work ? engine runs smooth/smooth at speed (I cruise at 60mph).
do not have a tach hooked up, and it sounds/seems like it is idling about
1500-2000.....I would appreciate any suggestions/help on this dumb dirtyword cotton-picking nose-sucking (ugh) 544...
stay safe
p.s. I have tried to upload/download my photo, but all I get are "brickpix" photos with no way to get my photo(s).


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New carb question [444-544][1966]
posted by  grouchyandugly  on Thu Oct 12 09:33 CST 2017 >

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