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bad clutch? engine caught fire :( 200 1982

hi! soo I was driving down the freeway and the car would rev but not accelerate accordingly but still moved. I chalked this up to what im guessing was a bad clutch and had been planning to stop driving once I get it home and and get it in the shop for replacement. then it starts making a knocking sound and that progressively gets worse very fast and I'm waiting for the next exit and it immediately makes a pop sound, smoke from the engine, and it dies so I pull over. the gentleman behind me pulls over as well to assist and states I was just suddenly dripping fire. there was a small fire in the engine compartment and fortunately I was able to extinguish it with a water bottle. the fire was on the right side near the engine mount, I think?

I'm assuming this is something more than the clutch... any theories on what happened, where I went wrong, and what I'm potentially looking at to get this guy back on the road?

thanks in advance :(

just got a look under the engine and didn't see any signs of cause or damages from fire but did see a chunk of the engine missing from near the oil filter..


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New bad clutch? engine caught fire :( [200][1982]
posted by  5416u0d  on Sun Oct 1 19:18 CST 2017 >

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