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Price of antifreeze is a setup against young car owners! 200

Hi all,
I rarely make my own post about things but something needs to be said by someone and here I go.
I got my mind going by posting a recent reply to Pageda.
It was on a different subject.

My point about expense was just proven to me by looking at what is being done with antifreeze at the moment.
I went in to price GO5 concentrate and not the 50/50 diluted and there was not one bottle of it at the front of the store. Just the 50/50 for $16.99.
I was standing there in "sticker shock" when the guy asked if he could help me. I said yes, tell me you have concentrated GO5 some place.
He said Yes, I think we have a couple jugs in back. I said, "in back?"
He said, yes I can get you a price on it.
He came back with $19.99.

Just a three years ago it was $12.99 by the case and the 50/50 was under $9 or $10.
So back then you spent $20 to by two for our cars "for convenience" or $13 + 0.80 for distilled water and being able to pour the two together.
Now it's $34 to fill the car and an extra plastic jug to recycle. Or it's $20 +0.80 + a nickel CRV for a jug I can put drinking water in, after its used, for "emergencies," that are becoming more weather related. Hello?

This is what happens when you have plastic card carrying shoppers, looking for antifreeze at Macy's. All that they are going to see is that stupid, as they are, 50/50 diluted in the "up front" display.
I'm afraid the Concentrate is going bye bye for the rest of us, if we don't wake up America!
Make sure to walk away from buying diluted with "undisclosed type of water" in that antifreeze at those antifreezes prices!
Look up this number (from the bottles required by law) for the "water" or what is allowed in it, to be diluted antifreeze and be ready for a shock! 7732-18-5
Water dissolves into solution a myriad of things and this is the only note you will find on the bottle.

Reach out to all you know and reverse this trend.
Don't buy any antifreeze for this year thats diluted!
All of it will have to drop or get darned dusty sitting on their shelf.
We can break this as not every car has to be changed exactly on the year due!
They are trying to scalp us for this winters season!



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New Price of antifreeze is a setup against young car owners! [200]
posted by  machine man  on Fri Sep 29 12:07 CST 2017 >

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