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B18/20 IPD header 120-130 1967

Hi Matt, and to all the others who read this - still have not got the hang of this forum, and would like to do a reply all :-) Anyway....

Fear not, I havent done anything to the manifold. The car still has its stock cast iron combo one and Volvo stock exhaust system. This car is a very long story, I will make it brief here but if anyone knows where I can post some sort of a blog I will write a spiel with photos. From what everyone has said - I am not going to change to the 4 branch manifold even though I have the aluminum manifold etc.

I am from the UK originally, came to the US in 1996. In the UK my dad purchased a green 123GT in 1967 and kept it garaged. I got it when I was 17 and cherished the car - it still around, the owner sometimes comes on this board. It was complete, rust free and unmodified. When I left the UK I had to sell it, so I thought, I was given bum info by the moving company and I was heartbroken. When I turned 50 I had a sort of mid life crisis and HAD to get another 123GT.

Not easy to find here, i found out, eventually I got this one from a guy in Portland, OR. The car was in DEPLORABLE condidition. It had been in the previous owners family since new, he inherited it at 15 and proceeded to ruin it completely by stripping out every GT specific part and trying to make it into a hot rod. When I got it the dash had holes hacked in it for aftermarket pep boy style accessories, the interior was shot, the shifter had been cut to accommodate a "coool" gear knob...the list is endless. Over the years he had tried to "repair" floors etc, these were done awfully with what looked like HVAC sheetmetal. It had Cragar SS wheels with massive oversized tires, a Weber carb, and the most sacriligious of all, he had a tiny sports steering wheel on it. How he drove it with those tires on I have no idea. It originally was red, but had been resprayed white for some reason, badly, i.e. all the interior was still red. I bought it sight unseen based on photos, but when I saw it I nearly cried.

This was in April 2016. My goal was to have it on the road and pass PA inspection by October 2016 as I didnt have a garage so wouldnt be able to work on it when winter came in. It was a monumental task...every night I worked on it for 2 hours minimum. Everything had to be replaced..carbs, manifolds, washer bottle.wiring harness, switches, repro GT steering wheel, steering column stalks, very rare Smiths tachometer, interior, dash pad, locks,.. I shut my eyes and sourced all the parts and managed to find even the rare ones like the manifold and the tacho. Some parts like the 123GT relay panel on the inner fender were missing completely so I made one out of sheet steel and used ordinary square relays to be going on with. I deliberately did not add up the receipts of the money I have spent but I am sure it is a small fortune.

But - it all came together, it passed inspection in October, then it was phase 2...regrouping to do all the non urgent bits. BTW - I could not have succeeded with this project without the kindness of others - Agent_Strangelove, Ron Kwas among many others. Still lots to be done - recently I put a reconditioned OD transmission in it, took the axle off and painted it and put new bushings all round, I have a pair of recon 3 bolt SUs I had done in the UK which are as good as new, so they will go on very soon. After that the crossmember is coming off for painting and a rebuild. Amazingly the other day I found an original GT steering wheel and relay plate!!!! So they will go on too and I can take off the awful repro steering wheel.

Once thats done long term is bodywork. The badly repaired floors need to be cut out and done properly, plus the paint job needs improvement. Maybe one day I can strip it to a shell and repaint it in its original color but for now this will have to do. I have tried to make it as original as possible under the circumstances. I also installed air conditioning in it from scratch. Thats another story of many swear words....

Go here for some photos...




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