RWD - 93 945T, After Head Gasket Replacement, Idles at ~2300rpm with periodic dips to ~1500.

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93 945T, After Head Gasket Replacement, Idles at ~2300rpm with periodic dips to ~1500. 900 1993

This is killing me! I went and changed the head gasket, and a lot of the stuff that comes with it, and now its surging on me. It's like the computer is not working at all to control the idle. Does anyone have a wiring diagram book for my year?

I keep going through all the steps I took putting it together, and looking around at plugs. The temperature gauge connector may possibly be on backwards? The plastic was broken, so I took a guess on which connector goes where. I physically checked the connector for the IACV, and TPS, both fine. O2 sensor connected, CPS connected. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I sprayed starter fluid around the intake, didn't find any giant leakes.

Is there a Troubleshooting flowchart in the green book? I could check voltages on the IACV for one.

I feel like it is just something is unplugged but I won't find out what until checking voltages.


EDIT: I checked the temp connector, it was for the gauge so it didn't change anything. I unplugged the IACV and the symptoms changed. Faster fluctuations but between 1500rpm and 1000rpm this time. I unplugged the MAF and the symptoms changed very slightly, the engine became rougher and grumbling. It feels like part of the computer isn't working. It's also very low on gas but starts right up, could that be causing this?

Thank you again, here's hoping someone can point me to a wiring diagram


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New 93 945T, After Head Gasket Replacement, Idles at ~2300rpm with periodic dips to ~1500. [900][1993]
posted by  walczyk  on Sun Sep 24 10:14 CST 2017 >

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