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1984 240 Volvo Engine Idling Problem 200 1984

Hello everyone,

My family's Volvo 240 engine idling rough and inconsistent, especially at the stop sign when the car needs to proceed, the engine hesitates. However, when the car accelerates it picks up RPM and power. I have done the following work on the engine and still am having problems with start up, rough idling, and running rich.
Replaced air idle valve
Replaced pressure regulator
Replaced throttle position switch
Cleaned the throttle body
Replaced fuel pump and fuel filter
Replaced Oxygen sensor
Installed new Bosch copper spark plugs
Ignition coil tested and is good
Air Mass Meter is good
Warm or cold, the idling is rough and oscillating. The initial start up is quite bad but as the engine gets warm it picks RPM. I very much appreciate for any ideas or tips you may have to share.

Thank you,


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New 1984 240 Volvo Engine Idling Problem [200][1984]
posted by  Habib  on Fri Sep 22 12:55 CST 2017 >

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