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ABS light on occasionally, now permanently 200

Having ABS problems.. Light came on once. Went off after a few miles. Came back on a few days later and didn't go off after 20 miles of driving. Did some research here and elsewhere and cleaned the front ABS sensors. They has some 'porcupine' buildup. Reinstalled and drove for 4 days with no problems and thought that was the fix. Unfortunately not the case. ABS light came on again today and is still on.

Fuse 7 OK.

I checked the front ABS sensor wiring more thoroughly. Both look OK. Checked the plugs where the front ABS sensor join the main wiring loom. Cleaned and check contacts.Seem OK. Checked the sensors at these plugs - got 1200 ohms at each - I suspect that's OK?

Speedo is fine so I assume the rear sensor is OK since its also drives the speedo.

Removed the passenger seat and checked the ABS surge protector and fuse. Fuse OK unfortunately. Checked voltages at surge protector contacts. Red wire showed 12V. Black wire showed continuity to ground. Red and yellow wire OV with car running. I suspect this is the problem and indicates the surge protector is bad?

Can people validate my troubleshooting? Does this indicate a new surge protector is required? If so the surge protector part number is Volvo 1363569 and doesn't seem available anywhere. Only one I found was on ebay in Germany. Any suggestion of a source for this part (I don't know of a good pick and pull near me) and would prefer an online purchase just for the convenience). Anyone have a known good spare they re willing to sell?

Is the surge protector repairable? Case looks like its designed to not come off with ease.

Any other suggestions?!

(car feels more responsive with no passenger seat!)



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New ABS light on occasionally, now permanently [200]
posted by  iamhives  on Mon Sep 18 19:47 CST 2017 >

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