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'83 240 5-Speed: Sometimes pops out of gear while driving 200 1983

"The clutch actuation feels really different - requiring the pedal virtually to the floor for clean and silent shifts. I have slowly gotten used to this. But it is very different than it has always been (since 1983 - original owner)."

How far up from the floor does the clutch pedal engage?

I would expect, on cable actuated clutch, the driver press the clutch pedal always to the floor where the make / break bit of clutch pedal travel to release / take up drive would be somewhere above that.

You want the clutch pedal when release, slack the cable such that there is some 3-5 mm free play at the end where the clutch cable end secures to the throw out arm. Some will want more free play so the driver must depress the clutch pedal fully for complete disengagement of the clutch, yet as little travel as is needed for the driver take this action.

As the clutch lining wears, the free play at the cable end is taken up, and the the make / break bit of clutch pedal travel to release / take up drive moves up from the floor.

As derek uk points out, look at the shift boot and items underneath. You do not mention, so I guess no troubles with the reverse lock out plate.

The shift linkage bushings on both M46 (I guess you have) and M47 can wear and can mean a sloppy shift experience. A sloppy linkage may lead to the gear shift lever jumping out of gear. With the gearshift lever in a gear, like third, is there much lateral movement? You can get replacement (nylon) bushings or, or a crisper shift experience, I guess (lest your M46 has bronze shift linkage bushes)

STS Machining

Kaplhenke may have them, yet not posted to their site.

Here is one Volvo OEM from Tasca Volvo PN 1209638 at the shift lever pivot end.


Items 2, 7 and ??? in the exploded M46 image:


The STS Machining and the Kaplhenke shift lever replacement bushing sets seem to have all bushings used in the shift lever assembly that bolts to the gear box and where the shift lever pivots.

Engine mounts solid? (As you sit in the car, the left side engine mount gets pulled on and the right side engine mount gets forced down when applying power, and the revser happens on overrun and decelerate.) Transmission mount solid?

Transmission fluid topped up? Quality transmission fluid for use with M46?


Amsoil Supershift Racing Transmission synthetic Ford "Type F" spec in the formerly prickly M47 II of my 1990 240 DL (li'l red) Wagon remains cool and shifts smooth. The one with the Redline MTL causes for sticking synchros in colder weather or for whatever reason.

Read about the fluid overfill method. See instructions on fill plug / drain plug removal order, new crush washers.

If after all of this ... lest you did some or all of the above already:

If the shift lever jumps out of gear on overrun, like as you are in somewhat mid-RPM range, and decelerate without braking, letting the engine brake, in a specific gear rather consistently, maybe the synchronizer for that gear?

Probably something I'm forgettin' that others can recall to tell you ....


Hope that halps.


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New '83 240 5-Speed: Sometimes pops out of gear while driving [200][1983]
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