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'83 240 5-Speed: Sometimes pops out of gear while driving 200 1983

A while back I took my car in for what I thought would be a new clutch. I had already had the clutch cable replaced and adjusted. This did not solve the issue of grinding when shifting into 1st or reverse. The mechanic told me he took all apart expecting to replace the clutch but found all was fine. He replaced the rear engine seal and carefully put things back together and re-adjusted.

Since then the grinding is basically gone. The clutch actuation feels really different - requiring the pedal virtually to the floor for clean and silent shifts. I have slowly gotten used to this. But it is very different than it has always been (since 1983 - original owner).

On a few occasions, perhaps increasingly now, while driving along the transmission just pops out of gear into neutral. The first couple times this happened, I figured I just didn't shift correctly or something. But this has continued and today the wife reported it to me. So I am starting to think there is something afoot.

But I have no idea what it might be. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks!


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New '83 240 5-Speed: Sometimes pops out of gear while driving [200][1983]
posted by  whitedavidp  on Tue Sep 12 14:49 CST 2017 >

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