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A/C fuse blowing mystery 200

Ok, was about to publish my manifesto on what I have learned about A/C on my 87 244. Getting 39/40 degrees out the vents with R-134A. So, everything he has been great, then all the sudden it started blowing fuse #12. Wasn't the draw from the compressor, checked that. Thought it may be the relay. Put in a new one. All was well for a few days, then blew the fuse again, I had the A/c thermostat switch OFF but when putting a new fuse in, it blew, and burned my fingers pretty bad. Anyway, noticed that IF I could get the A/C on, with the dial thermostat switch, and left it ON all the time, No blow fuse, but IF I turned the A/C off, it either blew the fuse then, or blew it when turning it back on.

SO, my question is, could a bad Microswitch cause this?? I finally turned the dial where I wanted it (edge of the blue zone) and I took the two wires off the Microswitch and Hooked up the Snowflake switch I have been wanting to hook up anyway. So now, it's been a week, NO blown fuse?? Could it have been the Microswitch causing the problem??

BTW any of you folks with an 87 wanting to do a Snowflake switch, for 87 (mine anyway). You have a Yellow/blue and a Red to the Microswitch. Hood the Yellow/Blue to the middle terminal and the Red wire to the top terminal (see Arts Cleanflametrap posts for other instructions). And set your dial where you want it, and No more trying to turn that stupid little knob !

Scott in Dallas


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New A/C fuse blowing mystery [200]
posted by  Engine41  on Sun Sep 10 22:19 CST 2017 >

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