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1990 740 Dies then immediately restarts 700 1990

I have a 1990 740 wagon 2.3 SOHC Turbo. 234K

The car randomly stalls after it warms up for about 5 minutes. After the stall the car starts right back up and runs until the next stall. It happens while driving and while parked and idling . It seems to increase in frequency as it gets warmer. It can happen while driving in town or driving at 60 MPH . The car is throwing no codes.

I have spent a lot of time on various threads and forums, it seems that this is a fairly common issue but none of the fixes I have read about have fixed it.

So far I have changed :

-Fuel pump relay
-Both fuel pumps
-Fuel Filter

I swapped the Radio suppression/Fuel injector relay with the cooling fan relay.

The car was last tuned up in October ( plugs, wires , d-cap etc..)

Any help is greatly appreciated


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New 1990 740 Dies then immediately restarts [700][1990]
posted by  gti2120  on Sun Sep 10 12:02 CST 2017 >

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