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Brake Caliper Piston Seized On One Side Only 200 1982

Hi Everyone,

I developed a grinding noise from my rear brakes, and upon inspection found the pad on the left outboard side worn down to the backing material. I proceeded to pull everything apart, and planned on replacing rotors and pads on both sides since I wasn't sure of the last time it had been done. Conducting a deeper inspection, I found the left rear caliper outboard piston was seized, but the inner was functional. The inboard pad had tons of material left.

On the right side rear, everything appeared to be normal, with functional pistons and even pad wear, though the pads were near the end of their service life. I decided to go ahead and replace both rear calipers as well, as I like to get as much work done in a particular area while i'm in there. I had some extra dough on hand and decided to order new rotors, pads, and calipers up front as well...super excited to have a nearly all-new braking system!

Everything up front regarding pad wear and piston travel was normal, the only issue being the seized left rear caliper. I then dug through the previous owner's service records for clues regarding the rest of the system and found that the master cylinder had been replaced at 95k miles back in 2010 (I currently have 133k today). Then I found the exact same problem regarding the left rear outboard brake pad worn to the rotor came about at 105k miles in 2013. The car was only driven about 1000 miles from that last service until I bought it two years later in 2015.

I have conducted one prior fluid flush myself about 9 months ago due to dirty looking fluid, and the fluid looks dirty again not one year later. I have no leaks as the reservoir stays at a consistent level, and brake feel down the road is good with no pulling, pulsating, soft pedal, or other strange symptoms. No brake warning lights either.

Looking through the Bentley manual and Green Books, there really isn't much info on the brake junction block or the rear wheel booster valves. The way I understand the junction block to work, it doesn't seem like it would be the culprit. Ditto for the booster valves at the rear axle.

As far as I know, the rubber brake lines might be original. There are no notes about them and they look very old. I've read about old rubber brake lines disintegrating from the inside, so my best guess is that the left rear rubber line could be repeating as the offender and blocking fluid passage as the inside of the line degrades. If that's the case, then why does only one piston cease to function?

I am a bit stumped, and much appreciate advice and suggestions, or am I on the right track here? Thanks so much!


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New Brake Caliper Piston Seized On One Side Only [200][1982]
posted by  Koamileli  on Mon Aug 28 19:59 CST 2017 >

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