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Strut Replacement and Clunking Sound 900 1995

I recently rebuilt the front end of the 1995 940 w/ 148K miles. The new parts were Sachs Advantage strut inserts, ball joints, outer tie rod ends, Control arm poly bushings, and strut assembly boots.

Everything works fine but there is a clunking sound when I hit bigger bumps. I'm wondering if the big nut that secures the end of the strut cartridge to the swivel plate (sorry about the improper names) is tightening the washer with rubber points enough because of being old and compressed a long time and that is what I'm hearing? I couldn't find this part on any of the web sites but putting a washer or two under the big nut would compress the rubber on the washer more.

Has anyone needed to replace this washer with the rubber points on it?

If I should replace the washer with the rubber points or add a washer under the big nut and the above the washer with the big points, could I put the tractor loader down on the front bumper to compress the springs, clamp the strut rods with a clamp with rubber inserts so the strut won't retract, and then take off the big nut and add the washer? I don't really want to pull the strut assembly again for what seems a simple job.
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New Strut Replacement and Clunking Sound [900][1995]
posted by  jd620  on Mon Aug 28 16:31 CST 2017 >

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