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1997 V90 - Taillight - Directional - Madness

OK, this is the otherwise very excellent 1997 V90 I bought the other day,.

When the main lights are off, the directionals "appear" to operate normally when watching the dash lights. In point of fact, when the right directional is on, the right rear back up light flashes.

When I turn the main lights on (headlights, or parking) The directionals cease to operate at all and the right rear back up light comes on. On the dash the right directional arrow remains lit, but does not flash,.

The "Hazard" switch seems to work, but once again, the right rear back up light flashes.

I have pulled down a wiring diagram from the net. the color codes shown for the wires seem only "similar". In other words, some color codes exist, others do not seen to.

At the tail lamp the wires "pretty much" match the color code tags on the taillight unit.

I am wondering if he taillight unit is from a 960 and for some reason varies.

Never having mastered electricity, or even served an apprenticeship,I am at wits end and cannot pass inspection.

Any help, or suggestion, much appreciated.


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New 1997 V90 - Taillight - Directional - Madness
posted by  Faust  on Sat Aug 26 17:26 CST 2017 >

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