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Shift linkage diagrams do not match VIN 700 1985

Saga: Clutch cable broke at foot pedal (me broken ankle and had to move at same time - cluster). Clutch cable replaced, advised pivot fork was fragile. Cable broke at foot pedal again within 6 mos under 1000 miles. OK. Do entire clutch replace all seal etc. Shifting not silky into 1-2. Cable adjusted still not the same.

Cable broke a 3rd time! under 60 mos and 1000 miles. Went to another shop. $350 said they had to fabricate part. Shifting not better.

Now can barely shift 1/2. Cable adjusted and told that balls in linkage are worn and they put a shim in until ….

Question: VIN number schematic diagram does not retrieve a linkage with "balls".


Ones sent directly from Volvo have no balls.

What to do? Did prior owner change out linkage? or….. I can't afford more … and need car. Injury has me no$ and have to get to med appointments.

Any advice and thoughts on why? And how to proceed. 2nd repair place is not calling back with we have your parts come on in….


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