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'79 242 transmission trouble 200 1979

Hello, I'm having trouble with my 1978 Volvo 242. I drove home on the freeway last night no problems and parked and shut her off. Decided a few minutes later to go get some food, hopped back in but when I pulled up on the reverse lock and selected reverse and backed the car up but then... the lock for lack of a better word broke?? I shifted out of reverse but it didn't pop out like usual and when I went for first it went back into reverse. Reverse is now a permanent option I can't lock out of it. I can get into first but when I pulled out to the street and went into second the car didn't like it much so I limped back home in first not wanting to do more damage. What's going on here? Can I still drive but be careful of not hitting reverse or is my transmission basically dead?any help would be greatly appreciated as this is my only transportation at the moment.


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New '79 242 transmission trouble [200][1979]
posted by  someone claiming to be Blue93  on Fri Aug 25 01:42 CST 2017 >

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