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91 volvo 240 wont start. tried many things! 200 1991

Hi all,

It's been very hot in Texas and my volvo 240 had been stalling out on and off upon starting, but it would always start fully on the second try and get rolling. A few times it stalled out when I had to wait at long red lights. If I put it in park and then restarted the engine it would be fine after that.

Last friday though it failed to start in the grocery store parking lot. It was probably close to 110 heat index that day. I don't know if heat is related, but now it won't start fully at all. There's a spark and the engine really tries to start up, it shakes a lot but can't fully turn over.

I have checked the fuel relay and that seems fine, I even replaced it. I replaced the fuel pumps and the filters. Those were old and pretty caked on.

I'm now wondering if it's the power stage/ignition amplifier. Does this seem right to people? If so, what would be the best next steps. I haven't been able to successfully search this problem on the site, but I'm pretty bad at forums.

Thanks for any insights!

Stranded in the Heat.


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New 91 volvo 240 wont start. tried many things! [200][1991]
posted by  bluegreenArlene  on Mon Aug 14 18:24 CST 2017 >

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