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Slight miss, jerky idle 1991

Hello to all, i'm 18yrs old and bought my first Volvo last week, a 91 240 Sedan with exactly 100k miles. Bought it from the original owner who is a professor at the University of Iowa here in town. Has all maintenance/repair records from day 1. He parked the 240 a year ago after buying a new volvo and starting it again it has developed a slight miss and a jerky idle not horrible,but noticeable.
I have done the basics like complete tune-up, oil change, new coil, new battery Ect..I filled it with high octane premium gas and still has the miss. Any tips would be greatly appreciated !
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New Slight miss, jerky idle [1991]
posted by  Cuda  on Sun Aug 13 06:43 CST 2017 >

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