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Question on 240 Alternator performance 200 1986

Hi all,
A week ago when I was changing the oil in my 240 I managed to arc my filter wrench against the main wire (large red one) on the alternator. Naturally I didn't disconnect the battery. A few days later I lost all power as the right angle terminal on that wire broke off, either a result of the arcing and corrosion or both. I tried to crimp on a new terminal but the crimp was less then ideal and I soldered the connection and thought that this may be OK. The car has a new battery and the alternator is a rebuilt Bosch unit less that 6 months old.
Today I checked battery voltage and got 12.68 V with the engine off and about 12.4 V with the car running so the system is not charging properly. I'm suspecting the issue is with this terminal but have the following questions.
1. I don't think there is a fuse for the alternator on a 240 correct.
2. Is there is fusible link for this circuit.
3. Has anyone else run into this situation and how was it repaired.
4. Are they any other suggestions of what may need to be checked?
Thank you,


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New Question on 240 Alternator performance [200][1986]
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