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For MachineMan from Dr. Phil 200 1988

I tried your suggestion of running a yellow wire from the gray connector box on the firewall to the temperature gauge sensor. At first, I thought that your idea was my solution. Ergo, the temperature gauge did not go to hot when the ignition switch was turned on and the engine not running. After some debate, I decided to install the new temperature gauge sensor and the new temperature computer unit sensor. I kept your idea of the bypass yellow wire. I turned the ignition switch to on and the red dashboard lights came on, the fuel gauge indicator moved and the temperature gauge did not move. I turned the switch to start the motor. I heard a click and all the dashboard lights and gauges died. After a few hours of recharging the battery, I tried it again and the same thing happened. Again I recharged the battery, I used the original yellow wiring hookup. I tried to start the motor and I heard a click and again all the dashboard lights and gauged died. Why won't the motor start? I need your counsel.


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New For MachineMan from Dr. Phil [200][1988]
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