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After Dash R&R console and instrument lighs worked. Then stopped. What? 200

I just did the blower motor and heater valve job, and new A/C evaporator, with the dash out. Whikle I was in there I found out why the side vents didn't work and fixed them, and I replaced the console switch illumination bulbs that were burnt out. I also put a dab of dielectric grease on the little contacts of all the indicator and illumination bulbs on the spedo-tach instrument panel. I tested the console lights with the dimmer before reassembling the console and dash to confirm all three were working. Then I put the dash back together and tested the lights again. They were still working. Last thing I did was put the radio back in, and then I discovered that I had lost track of the antenna cable somewhere back in there. I eventually found it trapped down under the console panel vents. I had to loosen some dash screws and take the instrument panel back out to get ahold of it and move it to it's proper position. While doing that I think I noticed the little harness for the clock and plugged it in to see if maybe the clock would work. So now all the dash wires are connected where Volvo meant them to be.

I connected the battery again expecting to see everything light up, BUT NO. Now none of the three console illumination bulbs or the two instrument cluster illumination bulbs would light. The SRS light is also on all the time now, but that was also the case before the second re-connection so it is probably unrelated to the dash illumination problem.
After some searching of posts here I found a number of references to something bad that happens if you short out a clock wire that involves burning traces on the instrument cluster circuit board. I could not have shorted anything since the battery was disconnected, but who knows what it wrong with the clock, maybe it is itself a short. So I pulled the instrument panel out again (batt disconn'd of course) and checked things out. To be fair, I think one of the two illumination bulbs was burnt out before because that dash was operating in the dusk for the last year or so. Now both bulbs test as open circuits. The little indicator bulbs, which do work, test out at about 13 ohms for sake of comparison. Now a feared the worst about the circuit board so a tore down the instrument cluster further and carefully examined the traces. No trace of trouble. I checked conductivity with the DVM and all traces leading to the illumination bulbs are good.

Apparently this is not the clock-short problem. Anyone have any idea what could explain the loss of the console lights and dash lights at the same time? As far as I can tell everything else in the car works fine, well, except for the SRS.


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New After Dash R&R console and instrument lighs worked. Then stopped. What? [200]
posted by  Broos  on Tue Aug 8 21:49 CST 2017 >

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