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Left Front Brake "Howl' 1983 242 200 1983

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice...

In May 2015, I had a local mechanic (no my usual guy Larry at Rainbow Auto in Bellingham, WA) replace the left front caliper and the right front caliper in March 2016.

In the last month or so, I sometimes get a fairly loud howling noise coming from the left front when the brake is applied. Often this happens when things are warm after coming down a big hill or lots of stop and go. But not always. It can sometimes happen the first time I hit the brakes after starting cold in the morning.

In the entire lifetime of the car, I have not really had any issue with brake noise of any kind. The brakes seem to work fine despite this noise and I have felt the wheels after stopping when this noise was being made to see if things felt over-hot (they did not).

I have no real idea where this mechanic gets his rebuilt parts or anything about the quality of the rebuild or pads installed. But I suspect now that his part sources are not that great.

I have read about people suffering brake squeal and metal on metal noises from their brakes. But I sure would not describe the sound I am hearing as a squeal (too low pitched to be a squeal) or a metal on metal noise.

So I am not sure what this is or what to check/do about it. Any suggestions?



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New Left Front Brake &quot;Howl' 1983 242 [200][1983]
posted by  whitedavidp  on Wed Aug 2 14:07 CST 2017 >

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