RWD - Driver's side brake pads hanging up/not retracting

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Driver's side brake pads hanging up/not retracting

This actually a continuation of my last post:

The rotor on the driver's side front didn't have enough meat left for turning. I installed a new rotor and the shimmy when applying the brakes was gone. However, the pads were not retracting enough and the new rotor was getting much hotter than the passenger's side.

I thought it might be the brake hose had collapsed so I replaced it. No change in the pads dragging. So it seems that the piston is moving freely (using adjustable pliers) and the pads are not hanging up in the carrier. There is no pressure evident when I open the bleeder valve and opening the bleeder does not allow the rotor to turn freely like the passenger's side.

So I am down to caliper replacement unless someone has any differing opinion. Any thoughts appreciated.



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New Driver's side brake pads hanging up/not retracting
posted by  rstarkie  on Mon Jul 31 07:46 CST 2017 >

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