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"HATEFUL' Heater Core replacement SAGA continues... 200 1989


So in August 2015, I replaced the fan. Fan almost immediately failed, but in the meantime I developed a sweet smell coming out of the vents. Yea for me!

So in March of 2016 I replaced the heater core, which was leaking, the fan, and the A/C evaporator that I broke taking it out a second time as I installed the heater core in backwards the first time. Way to go ACE!

Well it seems that I now have a A/C condensation leak coming from between the two halves that join together to enclose the heater core!

In my haste to put the car back together I neglected to seal the the seam with something. Whatever is supposed to go in between that crack, I did not return nor replace, and I now have a leak that I can not get rid of, UGH!

So for those willing and brave enough to take this task on themselves, please, please, remember to seal the damn crack or you too will be headed back into the depths of hell!



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New 1 &quot;HATEFUL' Heater Core replacement SAGA continues... [200][1989]
posted by  TheBrickTank  on Sun Jul 16 08:27 CST 2017 >

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