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Cranks, no start -- '93 240 200 1993

What diagram are you working from?

No continuity on the grey wires (85;86) at the main relay on the L fender when cranking.

"Main relay" on L fender??

No voltage between #4 and #2 at the power amplifier, ignition on.

Should be battery on #4, the blue wire. How exactly are you probing this?

Tested the CPS cable to the ICU at its connector in the engine compartment, found #2 voltage with ignition on was 3.1 V; #3 was connected to ground, and #1, which should be 250 Ohms, was 0.5. Should I suspect a short?

#2 is the signal and #1 return (grounded). Bentley has known error on this. Search "bentley errata"

I pulled the ICU connector and tested the voltage at terminal 8 (the ECU
connector) -- should be 0.1V, but found 0.0 with the ignition on.

This is the load signal which is pulse width modulated. Bentley's suggestion will lead you astray. Go back to the power stage and find out why it isn't getting any power.

Art Benstein near Baltimore

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.


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