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Lust S90-V90 1997

1997 Volvo S90 purchased w/ 36K on the meter used in 2000 now has surpassed 237,000 miles. Thought I would keep it until around 300K. But now since the drivers seat has multiple modes of malfunction, I am window shopping.

[Other flaws: hissing from the HVAC, needs brakes, will need 2nd radiator replacement if leak gets worse, needs suspension bushings, oil consumption getting worse]

I have put money into maintenance and kept it on the road - this is no "flawless" Accord/Camry/Legacy. So every once in a while I think, why not cut loose, and wish it well? I looked into upgrading suspension and brakes. But you don't mess with a car that wasn't designed for upgrades. But really the clincher is the seat. A Volvo without an intact seat is really no longer worthy of the name, is it?

Chevrolet SS. Damn the mixed-size 19-inch tires. But seriously might seek used 2014 model, actually, to keep from eating the depreciation, just like I did for the S90. (A wagon version can be found in Australia, of course.)

The other idea is a mid-2000s XC70. Never found my dream mid-1990s 855T. But that's always possible.

This exercise at least prompted me to dig out all the sets of keys, service records and title.


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New Lust [S90-V90][1997]
posted by  Lavesh  on Sat May 6 11:01 CST 2017 >

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