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sticky rubber on 940 shifter knob 900

OK, you replaced the shift knob on your 940 a few years ago, and it's starting to feel sticky, like grabbing the business side of duct tape.

So refurb it with the liquid plastic/rubber in a can, the kind sold for coating tool handles. NOT the spray stuff, unless you plan to remove the shift knob first.

Wash the shifter knob with acetone first, to remove oils and stuff.

Knob in place method --
Move the shift lever to N, block the wheels.
Wrap an old towel around the bottom of the shift lever, below the rubber knob. With a cheap bristle brush, but one with feathered bristles, apply the goop to the shifter starting from the top and brushing down. Try not to get too much around the shift lock button, but don't worry if you cover up the OD lockout button; it will still work under the new coating

Or --
if you feel like it, remove the shift knob (and OD lockout, see FAQ) and dip the knob only in the goop. Be careful not to get goop inside the shifter knob, though - probably better to dip&brush.

Let the goop dry overnight.

You have the option of winding up with a black, red, yellow or blue shift knob


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New sticky rubber on 940 shifter knob [900]
posted by  GAcyclops  on Sun Apr 16 14:16 CST 2017 >

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