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Knocking Sound from Tranny Area 200

Hi Folks,

My brick has started making a new noise.

At low speeds I can hear a slight rhythmic knocking sound coming up from below the center console, in the area of the rear of the transmission. At faster speeds engine and road noise blocks it out. I've coasted the car with the motor off and can hear the sound changing with the speed of the car, so I'm guessing it is tranny/driveshaft related. I'll take a look under the car to see what I can see.

So what could be the possible sources of the sound?

Tranny? It is an M47 5-speed with 208kmiles, filled with Volvo fluid. It has been working fine. No whines or hard shifts.

Drive shaft? I just had a new driveshaft carrier bearing/rubber bushing installed. Did not do the guibo or front u-bolt as they looked OK.

Could the sound be guibo related?

The sound is not the same as when I had a bad rear shaft u-bolt. That was a stronger thumping. This sound is a lighter taping, but there and consistent with shaft rotation.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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New Knocking Sound from Tranny Area [200]
posted by  MrNabisco  on Sun Apr 16 10:36 CST 2017 >

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