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What are good rear shocks replacement choices? 900

Hello, all. My 1993 wagon (solid axle, not self-leveling) is in need of rear shocks. As far as I know the ones on it may be original (doubtful at 183K miles). I am not looking for performance, but rather decent handling, which the car definitely had before the shocks went south. Longevity is also an issue, but secondary. Price is important. I found Sachs at FCP for $44, Genuine Volvo at $65 (I believe the genuine Volvo are also Sachs, but not sure). I think I can save a few bucks on genuine Volvo ones at Tasca over FCP. Should I get Sachs, genuine Volvo or other?


Vladimir. '98 S70 base, 5-speed manual - his, '93 945 - hers


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New What are good rear shocks replacement choices? [900]
posted by  Vladimir  on Wed Apr 12 16:23 CST 2017 >

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