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Correct ECU 900 1992

My daughter just picked up her first car. I have a "to-do" list of minor repairs and deferred maintenance that I plan to take care of. When we bought it, the owner said it had an intermittent issue with stalling but the shop said it was fixed. It didn't steal at all when we test drive it and ran s fairly smooth for a 15 year old car. It had an oil leak so I decided to clean the engine to pin point the leak. Since then, we have noticed it hard to start when the engine is warm but has sat for more than 10 minutes, or will have an idle that is either erratic or idle over 1200 RPM. Here is what I've done.

ECT tested high so replaced it
Cleaned the IAC valve and ohm was a little low (7.5 ohms, book lists 10-15)
Cleaned the AMM
Throttle position sensor clicks

I plan a couple other things like testing O2 sensor, cleaning throttle body, check/replace fuel pressure regulator, maybe replace fuel filter.

My question is, I looked to see what ECU it had just in case and saw it was a 280-000-939. From what I can decipher from other sites, this may not be the right one. This is a turbo model with an EGR. Should I look at replacing it?


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New Correct ECU [900][1992]
posted by  PapaSeals  on Thu Apr 6 21:56 CST 2017 >

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