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Are K&N Air Filters more trouble than they are worth? 700 1991

I have a 1991 780 Turbo with close to 195,000 miles. I have had it for over 10 years and maybe have put on 45,000 of those. I was going to do some 'spring cleaning' kind of maintenance on the car and could not remember the last time i changed the air filter though in truth it is still probably OK as it had been in storage for the last couple of years and I think I changed it out only a year or so before storing it.

Anyway, I was on a kick where I am trying to do some deferred maintenance on it and to fix other things that have popped up and I thought I would switch out the air filter. I went to Walmart and the Fram book only went back to 1999 or so and both NAPA and Autozone did not carry it though they could order the correct one for me. I then remembered the K&N line and ordered one through their website knowing virtually nothing about it except that it was a performance filter and you can run it a lot longer than the OEM ones and that they are reusable.

Well after doing some research AFTER THE FACT, I have learned a lot and wonder if I made a mistake? Supposedly they allow more dirt in the engine due to their design and they are known for the oil in the filters getting to the MAF sensors but how much of this is fact or just urban legend?

I know that there are a lot of Volvo nuts on here that could clue me in so I though I would ask here. The car has been pretty reliable for me besides the occasional issue here and there and also I have slight oil and tranny fluid leaks but at 200,000 miles I guess that is to be expected.

thanks for any feedback.


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New Are K&N Air Filters more trouble than they are worth? [700][1991]
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