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242 lo miles needs fuel system 200 1980

Greetings all!

Here's the deal..
I have a lovely dark green 242 DL, been in the family since new..
She has ONLY 95K on her,looks great.. needs a bit of paint touch up and new rear deck seatbelt housings.. otherwise excellent cosmetically. Interior looks good, too. Some wear and tear, but not bad at all.
She's been recently checked out by a vintage Volvo expert..Mechanically in great shape .. EXCEPT for the fuel system, which needs replacing.
Hard as this is after 37 years, I have decided to sell her.
What price might be fair since she's non-op? I've put money into her recently, including the expensive diagnostic regarding the fuel system. That is at least a $2K job, which I'd rather leave to someone who is passionate about these cars and would have the work done, keep her intact and enjoy her for many miles to come.

Your input's appreciated.


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New 242 lo miles needs fuel system [200][1980]
posted by  Bronwen  on Mon Mar 20 18:58 CST 2017 >

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